Dog writhes in pain – when owner checks surveillance camera & sees run-in with mailman

A man named Alfonso Galindo from Otay Mesa, California has a frightening story to share. For months, he would notice strange stains on his patio, exactly where his kids and the family dog would play. He had no idea what it could be, and confessed how it worried him a great deal. In order to put an end to the mystery, this father-of-two decided to install surveillance camera. 

When speaking to Inside Edition, Alfonso recalled an incident involving his 7-year-old poodle mix named Pupa. As he arrived home one day, he could see the sweet dog acting in a strange manner. It looked as though she was trying to wipe something off her eyes. Pupa was rolling on the ground and it was obvious she didn’t feel comfortable. The stains were again there, and everything was getting even stranger. 

He went straight home and checked the surveillance camera footage. The discovery left him overwhelmed and angry. He could clearly see the mailman walking past the metal gate when he suddenly took something from under the bunch of letter he was carrying. It looked like a can of pepper spray which this cruel postal worker used in order to spray Pupa’s eyes through the fence. Alfonso couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His dog is friendly and would never attack or hurt anyone, not even a complete stranger. 

“You can see his finger on the trigger,” said Alfonso as he showed Inside Edition the video.

“He decides to walk right in front of the gate and nonchalantly spray the dog.”

The poor dog was in pain and in distress as the mailman walked past her without worrying whether she was hurt or not. The worst thing was that after taking a closer look at all the footage, Alfonso discovered how this wasn’t the first time for this cruel man to do such gruesome act. He did it 11 times. 

They discovered how Pupa’s eyes were pepper sprayed every time the mailman would deliver the mail. He, however, never complained about the dog. 

“My gate is over here, where my dog is obviously behind,” Alfonso said, showing how Pupa is kept 3 feet from the mail box.

Alfonso’s children also suffered the consequences of the spraying as they would spend their time around the dog. 

“They’ve been sick with respiratory issues,” he said.

According to 10News, Alfonso’s family visited the emergency room many times and the reason was the respiratory problems his two children, 3-year-old Alsonso Jr. and 1-year-old Regina suffered from. A couple of weeks ago, the kids were diagnosed with asthma.

“I believe what he’s done to our family is criminal,” Alfonso said.

The family filed a police report against the US postal service and authorities are currently investigating this case that left people outraged. But as it turned out, Pupa wasn’t the only dog harmed by this same man. Alfonso’s neighbor’s dog was reported to experience excruciating pain after the mailman’s visit. It’s eyes were red and it was obviously hurt with a pepper spray. 

After an internal investigation, USPS released a public statement and an apology: 

“On behalf of the United States Postal Service, we want to apologize to the Galindo family and Pupa. We do not condone our employees behaving in a manner which is not professional and courteous.The appropriate personnel and corrective action will be taken as well as training given to all local letter carriers.”

Alfonso, however, believes what USPS are doing regarding this issue is not enough and adds, “That left me with a question. Is this person going to be retrained and put back on my route? That’s not going to cut it.” 

Cancer Health Insurance

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it can be overwhelming – for you, and your family. Having the right health insurance can help to reduce some of the financial pressures so you can focus on your health and recovery.

If you’re in need of cancer treatment, it’s important you know what’s covered by private health insurance. Every policy is different and every treatment plan is unique; this is one case where the fine print really does matter.

Covering cancer treatment costs – what are the options?

Treating cancer can be more expensive than you might expect. To help cover the costs, some people use the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) alone, and others use a combination of Medicare and their private health insurance.

Here’s what each one offers:

Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – what’s covered?

Medicare can cover hospital care, diagnostic testing and imaging, GP visits and some of the cost of specialist visits. If chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs such as antinauseants and immunostimulants are being used as part of your treatment, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) might reduce or cover the cost of prescribed medications.

With certain medications provided outside of hospitals, there may be a ‘gap’ or an amount you have to cover yourself. Always ask your health provider about these costs ahead of time so that you’re prepared for the bill.

Private health insurance – what’s covered?

Private health insurance generally covers you for part, or all, of the costs of being a private patient receiving treatment in a private or a public hospital, depending on your level of cover. It doesn’t mean your private hospital stays are free, but you can choose your doctor and the hospital you’ll be treated at, and your policy may cover the cost of a single room.

Depending on your level of cover, private health insurance may also cover you for out-of-hospital services. This is called extras or ancillary insurance. For most people, that means physio, optical and the annual dentist visit, but it can also include some of the complementary treatments sometimes used in cancer treatment. This could include things like, home nursing, assistance with travel and accommodation, psychology, occupational therapy, dietician advice, post-operative medical/health aids, assisted living programs.

As a private patient, you may need to pay extra fees including doctors’ charges, hospital accommodation, pharmaceuticals, theatre fees, prostheses and so on. Generally, the higher the premium you pay, the fewer additional costs you’ll have to deal with.

Limiting your health insurance expenses – what should you consider?

Here are some practical things you can do to keep on top of your expenses if you’re using private health insurance:

  • Contact your health fund before you receive treatment to find out exactly what they cover and what you’ll have to pay for yourself, and if there are any associated waiting periods you need to serve.
  • Understand what it means if your insurance policy has restrictions or exclusions. It may mean you’re not covered for things you think are included.
  • Find out if your hospital or specialist has an arrangement with your health insurer so you don’t face avoidable out-of-pocket expenses. You might even decide to change where you go for treatment based on this information.
  • Ask your doctor for a written estimate of costs and find out how long you’ll have to pay the bills.
  • Read any letters or brochures from your health insurer; they can make changes to your policy, so it’s a good idea to stay informed
  • Make any claims with your insurer as soon as possible so there’s no delay on your payments.

Choosing the right level of private health insurance may increase your comfort during treatment and help to lighten your financial load in the long run. It’s important to research your policy options carefully to choose the policy that best suits you.