Woman Rushes To Save A Drowning Kitten Crying For Help

September 6, 2018 Love Animal 0

The world can be a very dangerous place for a little creature. This poor little kitten was stuck in the storm drain and the water was rising. It didn’t look as if the kitten was going to make it and he was desperately crying for help but nobody was answering the call. We can only imagine how desperate a situation this was but thankfully, somebody was there to lend a helping hand.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

August 5, 2018 Love Animal 0

Although your bed is large enough to afford both you and your cat ample resting space, your cat has no doubt shown a preference for setting up camp right on top of your head. Your feline friend’s behavior may be vexing, but don’t be so quick to assume that he’s trying to do you in. In fact, the reason behind this quirk could be fairly simple.